Community safety priorities - have your say

Wycombe Community Safety Partnership is made up of organisations working together to improve community safety in the District. The Community Safety Partnership Plan sets out the priorities for improving safety and how the Partnership will do this.

The results of this survey will influence the work the Partnership will undertake next year.  A summary of the results will be put onto the Wycombe District Council website within the Community Safety Section in April 2014. This questionnaire will run from Friday 1st November 2013 to Friday 31st January 2014.

For your chance to win £25 of Eden gift vouchers, please take a few minutes to complete this short survey. This is your opportunity to let us know whether we have identified the right priorities for 2014/15 and which are most important to you.

Following research into the levels of crime and anti-social behaviour during 2012/13, the following have been identified as priorities for the Wycombe Community Safety Partnership next year:

Develop the Nightsafe Partnership
- Working in partnership for a safer night out

Tackling anti-social behaviour and gang activity

Tackling property related crime
- Working with partner agencies to tackle distraction burglary, domestic burglary, vehicle crime and shoplifting

Protecting our communities from violence and abuse
- Work with partners to tackle domestic abuse, child sexual exploitation and abuse, and reduce violence against the person and sexual assault offences

1. Do you think these are the right priorities for improving community safety in the Wycombe district?
2. What level of priority would you give to each of the following?
  High   Medium   Low  
  Reducing anti-social behaviour      
  Reducing burglary      
  Reducing car crime      
  Reducing robbery      
  Tackling gangs and gang related violence      
  Reducing drug and alcohol problems      
  Tackling domestic abuse      
  Working with offenders      
  Reducing night time related assaults      
  Supporting and engaging with local communities      
3. How much of a problem, if at all, do you think each of the following is in your neighbourhood?
  Very big problem   Fairly big problem   Not a very big problem   Not a problem at all  
  Burglaries or break-ins        
  Property stolen from vehicles        
  Vehicles being stolen        
  Assaults in public        
  Domestic abuse        
  Being mugged/robbed        
  Being the victim of hate crime        
  Noisy neighbours or loud parties        
  Rubbish or litter lying around        
  People using or dealing in drugs        
  People being drunk or rowdy in public places        
  Abandoned or burnt out cars        
  Intimidating groups of teenagers        
  Being harassed or insulted        
  Theft of metal        
  Gang related violence or crime        
4. You can find out about a range of community safety issues online at safety. Have you ever used this website to find out about any of the following? Tick all that apply.
5. Have you ever used any of the following to find out about community safety issues? Tick all that apply.

Letting us know your postcode will help us to check how priorities vary in different areas.  It will also help us look into any neighbourhood based issues you may have raised. This information is confidential and we will not be able to identify you from your postcode.


We are committed to making sure that all our residents have equal access to our services. Please help us to keep track of how successfully we are achieving this by filling in the questions below. All information is confidential and will only be used to help us monitor whether views different across the community.

7. Are you male or female?
8. How old are you?

If you have any questions in relation to this survey, please contact the Community Services Team on 01494 421404.

Please return your completed questionnaire to:
Community Services
Wycombe District Council
Queen Victoria Road
High Wycombe, Bucks
HP11 1BB

You can find more information about the Community Safety Partnership on the following website:

Follow us on Twitter @WDC_Communities

The information contained in this response form will be used by Wycombe District Council to inform the Community Safety consultation.  By completing and submitting this response to the council you are giving your consent to the processing of personal data by Wycombe District Council.  You are also accepting that your response will be in the public domain, and that it may be disclosed if requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

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